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Our mission is simple. We aim to inspire more runners to enjoy the sport we love. When we aren't partnering with charitable organizations to host their events, we take it upon ourselves to launch and manage road races in the communities that we call home. When we are passionate about a venue for a road race, we get to work and cultivate events from scratch, building and sharing events that celebrate our sport. See you out there!

A beautiful, closed-course sunset run on the ocean-front property of Mt. Hope Farm in beautiful Bristol, Rhode Island. Set on one of the longest evenings of the year, join us for this beautiful 5k, with after-race festivities set under the lights of the Mt. Hope Farm barn. Live music and Narragansett Beer featured at the finish line!

The ORIGINAL "Race of Summer". Our award-winning running festival has been named "Race of the Year". Hosted on the beautiful grounds of Stonehill College, we gather each year to celebrate the summer the only way we know how! 10k and Half Marathon races! Live music and Narragansett Beer featured at the finish line! 

Our "unapologetically difficult" ultra-marathon, set on an ocean-front course, on one of the hottest weekends of the year each summer. True to the tradition of ultra-running, this event is limited in capacity and features 6 hour, 12 hour and 24 hour races. Named as one of the "Best Races in America" by Men's Health Magazine and proudly one of the iconic ultra-marathons in the Northeast. Qualification standards do apply. 

1/4 the distance, ALL of the party! Lace up those running shoes and join the beer drinkin', mileage runnin' folks at the Narragansett Beer Races for this 6.55 Rhode Island showdown that starts and ends at the Narragansett Brewery in Providence, Rhode Island. Quench your thirst for a fun and unique racing experience at Rhode Island's iconic brewery!

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A true ocean-side half marathon, the Colt State Park Half Marathon features 13.1 miles of shoreline running. Run just feet from Narragansett Bay, Bristol Harbor and Mill Gut as you conquer this scenic, traditional New England style road race. 

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