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Road and trail races are powerful gatherings of an active-living community, filled with infectious enthusiasm and a whole lot of great people, both toeing the line and behind the scenes. True North Running Company is committed to growing the sport we love so much. We are also passionate about making sure our events do good in the process. We work towards this goal in a few different ways... 

Growth of the Sport: Bringing thousands of new runners into the sport that we love.

We've run the numbers and surveyed our participants. Statistically, nearly 40% of our athletes are running a given race distance for the first time. With tens of thousands of runners having crossed over our starting lines, that means we've brought over 4,000 runners either into the sport for the first time, or into a distance for the first time. We're proud of that, and work to continue to host events that are welcoming to new members of the running community. 

Partnerships with Purpose: Donating thousands of dollars to the organizations the help us do what we do.

We work with local non-profit organizations and sports programs who help us staff our award-winning aid stations and courses, receiving valuable program funding for their various endeavors in exchange. It's a win for them, for our series, and for the runners that toe our starting lines! In our most recent season we donated nearly $5,000 to sports programs and non-profits directly in this initiative alone. 

Managing Races for a Cause: Working together with our charitable partners to drive millions of dollars of revenue to some of the most highly respected non-profits in the world. 

Aside from the races that True North Running Company hosts itself, we are regularly called on by charitable organizations to help them host some of the most respected racing events in the industry. Using our experience and equipment, we help them drive costs down and drive revenue up. Over the years the events under our logistical management have raised over a million dollars for non-profit organizations. We're proud of our role in that success.

Stages for Non-Profit Revenue: Our races act as road race "stages" for charities to thrive.

Behind the scenes there is a quiet group of individuals that choose to not only participate, but to run for charity. We work to support these charitable organizations and help them flourish in their fundraising efforts, leveraging the excitement of our events. These runners fund-raise and drive funds towards our current charity partners. In the past few years alone the revenue generated for these organizations exceeds $20,000

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