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True North Running Co. began in 2009 under the name Endurance Fitness Systems. At the time we were a small grassroots running & triathlon coaching program in Southeastern Massachusetts. Our mission was simple, to grow the active-living community. After launching our first running race we quickly realized that by promoting and managing high quality racing events, we could impact more runners within our community than we ever thought possible. Our first event brought over 1,000 athletes and hundreds of first-time runners. We were empowered by our success and shifted from coaching to event production exclusively in 2014, and haven't looked back since.   


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​We now operate out of Warren, Rhode Island. Our expertise is sought out by more and more organizations each and every year as our methods have proven themselves throughout New England. We've launched, promoted and managed some of the most beloved races in the running community. In doing so, we've helped some of the most widely known non-profit organizations in the country raise millions of dollars, and we've helped for-profit organizations create a fan base within the active-living demographic. Most importantly, we've brought thousands of first-time runners to the starting line and introduced them to a sport that we love. In the end, our mission remains simple. We aim to share the sport we love so much with people and organizations, growing the greater running community in the process. 


True North Running Company is an industry leader in the production, management, promotion and logistical support of endurance races throughout Southern New England. Where there are races, you'll find True North. We aim to share the sport we love so much with people and organizations, growing the greater running community in the process. 


In addition to helping various non-profits find road-race success, True North Running Company uses its vast resources to host a variety of endurance races throughout New England. We're runners ourselves, and we feel as if that the best races are hosted by the people that participate in the sport. We bring our passion for the sport to our unique line-up of events from June to November. 



We eat, sleep and breathe running. Our team literally has thousands and thousands of races under their belt, along with more than 70 years of combined experience on the management side of things. When you hire our team to manage your event, you're bringing multiple professionals that have served as Race Directors, Coaches and Competitive Runners for decades. We "run" races, because we RUN. 

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Office Phone: (508) 565-8045

True North Running Company LLC

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Warren, RI 02885


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